Taxation & Assessment


The Town of Assiniboia sends out Property Tax Prepayment Notices in January of each year. The prepayment amount is the tax amount from the previous year. The discount is for the current year property taxes and on the municipal portion only (no discount on the school portion). 

Discounts are as follows:

  • 3 % on amounts paid on or before January 31
  • 2.5 % on amounts paid on or before February 28
  • 2 % on amounts paid on or before March 31
  • 1.5 % on amounts paid on or before April 30
  • 1% on amounts paid on or before May 31

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The Town of Assinbioia sends out the current year Property Tax Notice in June each year, upon Town Council passing the budget and adopting the Tax Bylaw for the current year. Tax Notices are due at July 31 each year. 

Penalties on unpaid amounts: 

  • 1% penalty added Sept.1st 
  • 1% penalty added October 1st
  • 1% penalty added November 1st
  • 1% penalty added December 1st

10% added to all amounts unpaid at December 31. If you have any questions regarding your tax account, please contact the Town Office at (306) 642-3382



The Saskatchewan Assessement Management Agency (SAMA) is an independent agency that provides assessment valuations which is how tax rates are calculated. Search and view your property's assessment by conducting a property search online on SAMAView.

All Saskatchewan properties are assessed at mass market value as defined in the municipal act, not individual property sales price value. The calculations used to determine mass market value are based on the formulas, rules, and regulations set out by Provincial legislation and in the Saskatchewan Assessment Manual and best practices.

Market value assessments are determined by reconciling all three approaches to value: Cost, Direct Comparison, and Income Approach (where applicable), to determine an aggregate value to all property. Assessors evaluate properties based on a number of variables to determine the value assessment. These variables include, but are not limited to:

  • lot size
  • building size
  • construction quality
  • location
  • age of the building

For more information, please go to the website.