The Rural Municipality of Stonehenge No. 73 originally began as a Local Improvement District in 1908 and became a RM in 1911.  The first secretary-treasurer named the RM after the ancient monument known as Stonehenge where he had lived only miles from in England.

The RM encompasses approximately 985.74 square kilometers (approximately 250,000 acres of land) and includes the Village of Limerick and Hamlet of Congress within its boundaries with the Town of Assiniboia adjacent to the east border.  Highway #13 runs east-west through the municipality.    The 2021 Statistics Canada census confirmed the population to be 385 with 173 dwellings.

The RM is agricultural based, primarily cultivated land.  The RM has a good economic base of businesses providing job opportunities to residents from RM 73/72, Village of Limerick and Town of Assiniboia.  The following businesses are currently operating in the RM:  Cargill, Richardson Pioneer, Southland Co-op, Young’s Equipment, Diamond Diesel Truck & Auto Repair, E. Bourassa & Sons, Cranfield Hopper Bottoms, Southwood Cabinets, Sinclair Seed Cleaning, Rock Haven Seed Cleaning, Borgerson Mechanical and Valor Door Service.

The RM Office is located within the Village of Limerick at 100 Main Street.
Open Tuesday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Administrator     Tammy Franks
Office Assistant  Joelle Bancescu
Phone:  306-263-2020


Council of the RM of Stonehenge No. 73 is as follows: 

Reeve                   Chris Sinclair
Division 1            Brady Heatcoat
Division 2            Blair Oancia
Division 3            Vince Topola
Division 4            Clayton Batty
Division 5            Robert Smith
Division 6            Evan Sand