Regional Development

 Assiniboia, with its central location, is right in the middle of some of the richest farmland in Saskatchewan. Assiniboia is the largest of its neighbouring communities and serves as the hub for major services. With a variety of sectors, such as a vibrant small and medium sector with retail, agriculture and manfacturing. 

The Assiniboia Regional Economic Alliance (AREA) is an inter-municipal partnership between the Town of Assiniboia, Village of Limerick, R.M. of Stonehenge No. 73, R.M. of Excel No. 71 and R.M. Lake of the Rivers No. 72.  An Agreement signed October 26, 2011 declared each of the municipality’s commitment to work together and develop an economic area of excellence. The Alliance has a progressive vision to advance the needs of the region economically:

"AREA will be investment ready which will lead to a

balanced, diversified growth in businesses."


RM of Lake of The Rivers No. 72 Info                    RM of Stonehenge No. 73 Zoning Bylaw

RM 72 OCP and Zoning Bylaw                               RM of Stonehenge No. 73 OCP

RM of Excel No. 71

Town of Assiniboia OCP and Zoning Bylaw

Economic Development Inquiries can be made to the following:

Municipality Name                               Phone No.                  Email Address:

RM Lake of the Rivers No. 72              (306) 642-3533  
RM of Stonehenge No. 73                   (306) 263-2020  
Village of Limerick                                (306) 263-2020  
RM of Excel No. 71                              (306) 268-4555  
Town of Assiniboia                               (306) 642-3382