Assiniboia has a full range of health services. The hospital houses 16 beds offering in-patient acute care and sub acute care with 24 hour emergency physician on call service and full laboratory services. Assiniboia also offers a personal care home offering Level 1 - 2 care as well as long term care offering Level 3 - 4 care.

For more in-depth information on the Assiniboia and District's Health Services, visit the Five Hills Health Region web site at

ServiceNumber of ProvidersName

Dr. D.M. Vallee

Dr. Robert Blake

Dentists 1


Dr. Ahmed


Optometrist 2

Dr. Hogan (Tuesday)
Dr. Kelly (Thursday)




Nurse Practitioner 

Dr. Victor Carulei
Dr. Daniel Glaeske
Dr. Alireza Lashgari
Dr. Ali Pahloosye
Dr. Uchenna Orafeno
Raegan Rasmussen
Denturist 1


Mr. B. Moynes


Assiniboia Union Hospital

Integrated Facility :

12 Acute Beds and 4 Transition Beds

3 Close Observation Beds and 22 Long Term Care Beds



Prairie Villa Inc. (Level 1 - 2): 50 Residents  
Ross-Payant Nursing Home
(Level 3 - 4):

37 Long-Term Care Beds






  • Red Coat Primary Health Clinic (306) 642-4454 131 3rd Ave W (Asaskan Complex)
  • Professional Services (Business Directory)

    Health Promotion & Education
  • Healthline: A free confidential 24-hour health advice telephone line, staffed by registered nurses to help people deal with their health concerns by recommending the most appropriate course of action. Call 811 or visit:
  • Help Lines: Poison Control Centre - 1-866-454-1212, Child Find Sask. Inc. - 1-800-513-3463, Kids Help Phone (24 hours) - 1-800-668-6868.
  • Home Care 
    (306) 642-9444 
  • Public Health Services: Call: 642-2200
  • Public Health nursing, Public Health inspections, hearing assessments, childhood speech, behaviour and nutrition counselling.

South Country Health Care Foundation - South Country Cares - People Helping People.

The South Country Health Care Foundation is an organization dedicated to raising funds required for the purchase of new equipment for the region. There are government dollars for regular operations but there are no dollars set aside for capital purchases.

The South Country District Health Care Foundation was established in 1999 and is an independent, charitable organization dedicated to ensuring that the highest quality of health care is available for residents in out region. Some of the fundraising events are the annual "Festival of Trees" and the "Buy a Bed" campaign.


Poison Control Center (SK): 1-866-454-1212

Child Find Sask. Inc: 1-800-513-3463

  • Healthline: 811
  • Free, confidential health advice from registered nurses, 24 hrs/day.
  • HealthLine Online:
  • Reliable website health information to help you better understand abd manage your health and the health of your family.
  • Kids Help Phone (24 hrs): 1-800-668-6868

Programs and Services for Families

Addiction Services: Counseling and treatment for individuals of any age dealing with their own addiction or family members. Information is kept strictly confidential. There are individual and group sessions available. For mare information on these services call 642-3337.

Dental Health Inspection: 642-9422.

Dietician: Will do individual counseling for prenatal nutrition, gestational diabetes or children and infants with special diet concerns.  Assiniboia 642-9405.

Family Outreach Worker Program: Works with families who have complex needs and helps find solutions to meeting these needs. All plans are driven by the family. The family support worker will work with you if you have issues in the areas of depression, disability, abuse, financial issues, trauma, divorce, and many others. Families may call themselves to meet with the worker. For more information call 642-5956.

Food Bank: Is located in the Assiniboia Salvation Army and it can be accessed each month or just as needed. Baby food and formula are kept in stock. Information is kept strictly confidential. Call 642-3833.