Cat & Dog Licences

The Town of Assiniboia requires you to purchase an annual licence for your cat or dog to help ensure your pet is returned safely if it is lost or found running loose.

Animal Bylaw

Licence Fees

You can purchase your  licence tag at the Town Office   Pet License Application 

  • The annual cost of an animal licence is $ 5.00 for a spayed or neutered cat or dog / a puppy/kitten (under 6 months of age)
  • The annual cost of an animal licence is $ 25.00 for a NON spayed or neutered cat or dog.
  • Assist Dogs - No Charge

You are required to renew your licence annually and to keep your licence updated when you move and/or your pet is given away, lost, stolen or is deceased.

Pound Fees

To retrieve your pet from the Pound, see the following fees:

If your pet does not have a licence, you will also have to pay for it to be licensed.

Benefits of Licensing

Licensing your pet helps to identify and protect your pet in case it becomes lost. Even indoor pets can get out and become lost. A pet licence is not only a requirement, but it provides the following benefits:

  • A licence tells everyone that your pet is not a homeless stray.
  • With a licence, you are eligible for one waived Impound fine and one waived running at large  fine per year provided the animal is clamied by the owner within 24 hours. 
  • Animal licensing is an essential part of animal care and control in our community. Licence fees support animal control services, animal impoundment services and administrative and educational services.

Is there someone that can be contacted if an animal is being neglected?

Yes, contact Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan at