street sweeping & Snow removal

Street sweeping 

Our crews have made several attempts to sweep the streets this year, however we have been battling with  mechanical breakdowns on the street sweeper due to its age. Council in their meeting on August 17, 2020, reviewed a quote for an alternative option and have approved
Virtue Construction & Street Sweepers to clean our streets with 2-3 street sweepers.


  • SUNDAY, AUGUST 30 – Central Business District / First Avenue /  200, 300, 400, 500 blocks of 7th Ave East / 
    700 block 4th Street East,  700 Block of 3rd Street East and 100 block Assiniboia Avenue

  • MONDAY, AUGUST 31 – RESIDENTIAL  Starting on the East side, then South side moving to the West side

  • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 – RESIDENTIAL  Finishing the South and West sides

Watch for the signs placed at the main access points of your neighbourhood.

Please REMOVE ALL Vehicles/ RV’s / Construction Trailers from the street.

Where can I park during Street Sweeping?

  • Driveways & Garages
  • Share a driveway with a neighbour
  • Use a Public Parking Lot: Civic Centre, Aquatic Centre, Prince of Wales Centre and former Court House Lot

Street sweepers create dusty conditions that reduce visibility. Close your windows and walk on alternative sidewalks. If you see dust and sweeping equipment, give them lots of room, slow down and be safe.

Snow Removal

Snow Removal & Ice Control Policy with Priority Snow Removal Route Map 

During the winter months, snow and ice on sidewalks can seriously impair the ability of people to get around safely – especially elderly and those with mobility restrictions.

For that reason, the Town of Assiniboia’s Bylaw No. 481 Section 7, states ”Every occupant and in case there is not occupant the owner thereof of every house, shop, building, lot or parcel of land fronting or abutting on any street or streets where there are sidewalks shall within twenty-four hours of the falling or depositing thereon of any snow or dirt or ice cause the same to be removed from the said sidewalk in front of or adjacent to such house, shop, building, lot or parcel of land.”

We ask when shoveling, that you refrain from putting snow or ice on the streets as it can create hazards for traffic and hampers our removal efforts. Snow can be placed on the boulevard or your own yard. Sidewalk snow removal will be addressed by Bylaw Enforcement on a written complaint basis.