Election 2020


November 9, 2020 Election Results



Renaud Claude Bissonnette         179

Sharon Schauenberg                    603                 Elected



Robert Ellert                                    483                  Elected

Kent Fettes                                       453                 Elected

Patrick Grondin                               566                  Elected

Linda Hall                                          393

Graham Harvey                               557                 Elected

Peter Kordus                                   484                  Elected

Mike Krauss                                     426

Dave Nekurak                                 248

Paul Tendler                                    499                 Elected

Brett Tiffen                                       318




Interested in Running for Mayor/Council?

Municipalities of Saskatchewan has provided sessions on Municipal Governance. 

Watch the Recording of Municipal Governance 101: Introduction to Local Government

A recording of Municipal Governance 101: Introduction to Local Governmentis now available. We encourage you to share this video with anyone in your municipality who has an interest in municipal governance or is thinking of running for municipal council. 


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