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Why do we have bylaws?

The creation of bylaws have been in existence since the mid 1800’s. Previously, neighbors would solve their disagreements in very barbaric ways. The creation of bylaws and enforcement were established to allow neighbors to live in harmony with each other.

Bylaws have been created to ensure safety and compliance with rules in Assiniboia. These rules provide for a safe environment and make Assiniboia an aesthetically appealing town to live or visit.

How long do I have to shovel the snow from my sidewalk?
Click here to view the Snow Removal Policy

Can I operate my snowmobile in town?


Do I have to cut the grass on the boulevard adjacent to my property?

Yes you do.

Do my dogs and cats need a new license every year?

Cats and dogs can be sneaky and get out of the house or yard. The Town of Assiniboia needs to know how to locate the owners of the animal to ensure quick and timely return. The cats and dogs without identification tags are considered to be strays; therefore the Town cannot contact you, the owners, to inform you that you are missing a pet. Licensing your cat or dog also allows possible identification of animals in the kennels by cross referencing the town files. (For example: tattoos, marking, breeds, scars and microchips).

We require that pet owners register their dogs and cats upon 2 weeks of moving to Assiniboia.

Why license my cat if she/he never leaves the house? Why license my dog if she/he never leaves the yard?

Animals have a tendency to get out from time to time. If a Good Samaritan or Bylaw Officer picked up your cat or dog you will be notified immediately. When your cat or dog is wearing his/her tags there is no mistaking him/her for a stray. This will limit the chances that your cat or dog will be adopted to another family or euthanized. The Town of Assiniboia has an animal control bylaw that states all cats and dogs must be licensed.

Who's In The Pound?

Can my dog be off leashmin Assiniboia?

A dog is not allowed to be off leash at any time when the dog is off the owners' property. This prevents dogs from chasing cars, people and dog attacks and from being hit by a vehicle.

Do I have to pick up after my dog?

All pet owners are responsible to carry a bag or a device that will pick-up feces when they are not on their own property. Pet owners have to be aware that private and public property is not an appropriate place to leave their cat or dog's messes and must dispose of the bag or device appropriately.

Does Assiniboia have an Off-Leash dog park?


Is there someone that can be contacted if an animanl is being neglected?

Yes, contact Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan at

What is the rule for  advertising signs on town property?

Signs cannot be posted on town property. When people forget to take down garage sale signs or other temporary signs, they often become litter on the streets. Town property includes:

•Power poles
•Town Buildings
•Town parking lot

The town of Assiniboia has a Portable Sign Policy

Can I park my heavy vehicle on the street?

Heavy vehicles can only be parked in commercial areas designated for heavy parking. You cannot park your heavy vehicle in front of your house in a residential driveway/yard.

Can I have a fire pit in my yard?
Yes you can, pick up the suggested standards for the fire pits at the Town Office.